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Volume 33, Issue 2
  • Cover Story

    • Replacing a Failed Runner at the Stockton Plant

      Work is under way to replace the single turbine at the 45.2-MW Stockton Power Plant on the Sac River in Missouri. The original unit suffered from blade failure in February 2009 that was attributed to rough operation. The new unit will increase capacity of the facility to 53.5 MW and be commissioned in mid-2014.

  • Articles

    • Hot Topics in Dam Safety

      Who better to tell us what the hot topics are with regard to dams than our readers? Here we present the top 10 most-read dams and civil structures stories of 2013, based on page views at HydroWorld.com.

    • Partnering to Mitigate TDG through Spillway Modifications

      Seattle City Light and Avista Corporation combined their knowledge to study, test and develop a method to modify the spillways at two dams to reduce total dissolved gas (TDG).

    • Aboriginal Project Ownership on the Kapuskasing River

      The 22-MW Kapuskasing waterpower project in Ontario, Canada, successfully demonstrates a new business model for hydropower as it brings together three Aboriginal communities, a municipality, and a private developer in a strategic development partnership, sharing equity equally between community and developer.

    • Elements of Success in Tidal Energy Development

      The successful deployment of the Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project demonstrates key elements of tidal energy development that can benefit future projects.

    • A Model to Predict Juvenile Salmon Swim Paths

      The relation between measured fish swim paths and flow field information can be represented by probability distributions. These distributions, together with a particle tracking algorithm, can be used to predict fish behavior under various flow conditions not only at the site where swim paths were measured but also at other locations.

  • Departments

    • Perspectives: Who Are You?

      PennWell's Hydro Group recently completed an insightful study of the demographic make-up of professionals working in the hydro sector.

    • Hydro Currents

      The latest hydroelectric power news and information for March 2014

    • Squeaky Clean: Remote-Controlled Dam Washer Gets the Job Done

      Cleaning house takes on a different meaning at Tacoma Power's hydroelectric projects. In the past, when moss needed to be removed from the face of the dams, employees at the company's seven western Washington dams found themselves in a precarious position: hanging from a safety harness, being lowered down the side of a dam by ropes.

    • Tech Briefs

      Collection of articles related to hydropower technology from March 2014

    • Industry News

      News on hydroelectric power, pumped storage and more for March 2014

    • Canadian News

      The latest hydropower industry news from Canada from March 2014

    • Marine Hydrokinetics

      News related to the marine hydrokinetics industry in North America for March 2014

    • R&D Forum

      Research reports and study findings related to hydropower from March 2014

    • Dam Safety & Security

      Collection of articles covering safety and security of dams and civil structures for March 2014

    • Transitions

      News about recent job changes in the hydro industry for March 2014

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