Perspectives: On the Road with Hydro Review!

Hydro Review has been on the road! Trips to Washington, D.C.; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to attend hydro and dam safety events gave us the opportunity to better understand the challenges and opportunities you’re facing.

During this travel, I was reminded of the CBS news magazine show On the Road with Charles Kuralt. I worked with Mr. Kuralt for a few months in 1984 as an intern at CBS News. What a storyteller he was! While I won’t be as colorful as Kuralt, I am borrowing his idea of sharing a few of our observations and insights “from the road”:

We’ve come off the road with a renewed commitment to continue to bring you top-quality news, information, good practices, and lessons learned to help you do your work more effectively.

Stay tuned!

Marla J. Barnes
Publisher and Chief Editor

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