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Flow Science releases new FLOW-3D software

Flow Science Inc. offers a distributed memory version of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software.

Distributed memory is a version of computer code that can be run on multiple computers to find a faster solution.

Flow Science says FLOW-3D/MP v3.0 provides engineers conducting flow analysis with shorter design cycles for simulating real-world manufacturing processes involving large flow domains with complex flow phenomena. RS #300

Boart Longyear offers sonic drilling

Boart Longyear Drilling Services offers sonic drilling technology for exploration and for grout curtain installations during rehabilitation of earthen dams and spillways.

Sonic drilling involves the use of high-frequency resonant vibration to advance a core barrel into a structure. The sonic drill loosens soil and allows the core barrel to advance.

Personnel can then install an outer casing and remove the core barrel. Sonic drilling technology also eliminates fluid circulation, avoiding hydraulic fracturing. This type of drilling is especially useful at sites with vulnerable infrastructure or sensitive soil conditions, says Boart Longyear. RS #301

Unifin products cool generators

Unifin International designs, manufactures, and inspects equipment for cooling electric machines, including large generators in hydroelectric projects.

In addition to cooling equipment, Unifin offers various services, including cooler replacement or redesign, uprates and upgrades, emergency gasket replacement, replacement parts, reconditioning, retubing, and testing.

Product literature describing the company’s cooling equipment and services is available from Unifin. RS #302

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