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Superbolt provides bolting solutions

Superbolt Inc. offers solutions to bolting problems that can occur when bolts are removed from, and installed in, hydro plant equipment.

Superbolt tensioners are direct replacements for standard bolting. The tensioners can be threaded onto a new or existing bolt, stud, threaded rod, or shaft.

Only hand tools are needed to install or remove tensioners of any size.

Superbolt offers a brochure that describes how its products are used in hydro applications.

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Accusonic system measures efficiency

Accusonic Technologies’ Model 7530 flow-efficiency monitoring system measures on-line individual unit and total hydro plant discharge and efficiency. It also provides data for best gate and best combinations of gate settings.

Hydro engineers or operators can use the data supplied by the Model 7530 system to increase unit and plant efficiency based on actual measured performance.

The system measures flow rate and considers information from power output, pressure, and level sensors to compute individual unit and total plant water-to-wire efficiency. Up to six turbines can be simultaneously monitored with one 7530.

Pumping mode efficiencies are also determined for pumped-storage hydro plants.

Product literature is available.

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Unifin portable system cools transformer oil

Unifin International offers an oil cooler that can be moved from one substation transformer to another. Hydro project owners typically use the mobile device as a spare oil cooler, to be used only if the main cooler on a transformer malfunctions, Unifin says.

The company’s portable cooling equipment is used in periods of hot weather, when substation transformers are most heavily loaded and could overheat. Unifin’s Heatsink standardized auxiliary transformer oil cooler can be used with most substation transformers.

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