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SEL relay protects, controls generators

SEL offers a field ground module to prevent catastrophic generator failure. The SEL-2664 field ground module is designed to work with the company’s SEL-300G generator protection relay.The SEL-2664 module offers additional protection and monitoring to the SEL-300G relay, which provides generator protection.

The SEL-2664 module can detect field ground faults prior to start up, and continuously measures field-to-ground resistance. The company says the module is ready to use out of the box. Product literature is available.

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HTI tagging systems track fish behavior

HTI – Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. offers acoustic tagging systems for monitoring fish behavior, assessing fish populations, and detecting the presence or absence of fish at hydro sites.

Model 795 acoustic tags offer advanced capabilities in the smallest acoustic tag commercially available, the company said. The tags offer individual tag identification, with up to 100,000 unique codes, and feature a tag life of more than three years. Tags are available in several sizes, with the smallest being 6.7 millimeters in diameter and 16.4 millimeters long, and weighing 0.65 gram.

The tags are used with HTI’s Model 290/291 acoustic tag tracking systems, making it possible to remotely track tagged fish in three dimensions with a resolution of less than a meter.

Product literature and a demo CD are available.

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Climax provides boring machine

Climax Portable Machine Tools offers a compact boring machine that provides customers with flexibility to handle boring tasks in spaces with only 24 inches of clearance.

The BB5000 portable boring machine features modular components and is available in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic motor configurations. The machine typically can be set up in 30 minutes or less.

Product literature is available from the company.

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