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OneRain enhances tool for analyzing data

OneRain offers a new version of its software for use in visualizing, on the Internet, real-time and historical rainfall data. Those responsible for water management at dams can benefit from using the software, the company said.

The new software version, Contrail Web-Version 2.3.5, allows users to immediately access information from flood warning systems over a secure network. This feature eliminates the need to maintain specialized software applications on dedicated computers, the company said.

The user simply logs on to any Internet browser and can immediately access rainfall data.

Contrail Web 2.3.5 also enables authorized users to visualize raw data.

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E-Stop Systems offers workplace safety tool

E-Stop Systems manufactures a portable system for quickly de-energizing electrical and compressed air energy sources.

The system is well suited for contractors who use electric-powered machines during rehabilitation inside hydroelectric plants, the company said.

E-Stop Systems, a division of In-Place Machining Co. Inc., said the portable E-Stop System (ESS) enables an operator of a machine and/or those around the operator to completely and quickly stop equipment in case of an emergency situation. By quickly shutting off equipment, the portable system can help limit the severity of an accident, the company said.

In an emergency situation, all loads can be simultaneously and instantly de-energized by depressing an ESS button, or by activating an optional activation switch.

Product literature is available.

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Sulzer Metco provides turbine coatings

Sulzer Metco AG manufactures and applies coatings for hydroelectric turbines and turbine components. These coatings protect the surfaces of turbines against water with high sediment content, the company said. Sulzer Metco says sediment-loaded water can wear out uncoated turbines in as little as 12 weeks.

High-velocity oxygen- fuel (HVOF) sprayed carbide coatings, like Sulzer Metco’s “SUME Turb,” significantly extend the service life of new turbines operated under extreme conditions, the company said.

For each application, Sulzer Metco customizes the coating formula to address the specific sediment properties and corrosive environment of the river where the turbines will be operated.

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