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Envirosight enhances QuickView capabilites

QuickView, a zoom inspection camera and data collection tool for use in pipelines, can now measure pipe diameter with the push of a button.

Envirosight updated QuickView so that it can measure pipe diameter in pipes with diameters ranging from 4 to 12 inches in 2-inch increments. The user aligns the measurement grid that appears on screen and presses “measure.” The pipe diameter reading appears on screen.

QuickView from Envirosight
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Surveyors can use QuickView to determine the size of the line they are inspecting. Contractors can use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document work.

QuickView is available from Envirosight LLC.

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Position sensors operate on DC

Macro Sensors offers direct current-operated position sensors. Such sensors are particularly well-suited for remote sensing applications in which power from alternating current is not readily available, the company says.

These sensors, the GHSI 750 Series, are made of stainless steel. They feature a spring-loaded shaft running in a precision sleeve bearing and connected to the core of a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT).

Sensors from Macro Sensors
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The sensors can interface with many programmable logic controllers, computer-based data processors, and quality control data collection systems.

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ITT offers service forbabbitted bearings

ITT Corp.’s Pro Services Center provides services to repair and recondition babbitted bearings for hydroelectric turbine-generators.

Services include repair, reconditioning, and reverse engineering. Various casting methods are available, including centrifugal, static, and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas). ITT said its centrifugal casting capability covers products up to 120 inches in overall diameter.

In addition to offering various repair methods, the company manufactures new bearings to specifications.

ITT provides a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship, factory engineering support and field service support.

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