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Dickson introduces new data loggers

Dickson Co. offers new “graph-at-a-glance” flat panel data logger models for tracking temperatures and humidity. Users can see the data in real time, or download data for further analysis.

Dickson FH325 flat panel data logger
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The data loggers – paperless chart recorders – provide a digital graph that can be used to visualize environmental trends. Dickson’s FT300 and FT325 models collect data on temperature only. FH320 and FH325 models collect data on both temperature and humidity.

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Hydrolox manufactures polymer water screens

Hydrolox manufactures engineered polymer water screens for hydroelectric projects, where they are used for debris and fish handling. The screens last up to four times longer than traditional steel water screen components, eliminating many operations and maintenance issues, the company said.

Hydrolox screens are made from engineered polymer modules. Screens are assembled in an interlocked pattern, similar to the way bricks are laid, with full-length hinge rods for strength.

The screens can be custom ordered to specific dimensions.

Hydrolox screens fit into existing guide slots, eliminating the need for modifications to intake structures. There are no submerged moving parts in the screen systems, which use a patented seal that eliminates submerged sprockets and bearings.

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Odom Hydrographic introduces echosounder

Odom Hydrographic Systems Inc. introduces a new shallow-water hydrographic multibeam system called ES3, which can be used to survey a wide swath of riverbed.

The ES3-multibeam echo sounder provides many of the performance features of large, more expensive systems, while being smaller and more portable, the company said. The ES3 can operate at depths of nearly 33 feet.

Odom offers training in the use of the system and in peripheral devices connected to the ES3.

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ASL AQFlow flow meter used for short intakes

ASL AQFlow Inc. offers acoustic scintillation flow measurement systems for measuring the velocity of water flowing through a turbine or an intake at a hydroelectric project. The systems are especially useful at hydro plants with low heads and short intakes, says ASL AQFlow.

The company’s Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM) measures velocity by using the natural turbulence embedded in the water flow.

Specifically, the ASFM employs the technique of acoustic scintillation drift, which measures flow in a turbulent medium by analyzing variations in ultrasonic pulses transmitted through the medium.

ASL AQFlow is a subsidiary of ASL Environmental Sciences.

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HTI offers datalogger for use with fish tags

HTI Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. offers a new acoustic tag datalogger that employs global positioning system technology. HTI says the datalogger is useful for fisheries researchers collecting data from acoustic tags.

The company’s Model 295-G acoustic tag datalogger can synchronize acoustic tag data to satellite time. It also can collect data from multiple loggers and merge them into one file for viewing on any computer via wireless network, the company says.

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