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USEngineering offers dam monitoring tool

USEngineering Solutions’ new dam monitoring application DamWatch can help dam owners and dam safety professionals monitor, in real time, their dams. Information collected can be used to protect against hazardous, costly, and potentially catastrophic events, the company said.

DamWatch collects and processes data at regular intervals from weather and hydrologic sources, meters and gages, and other sensing devices. The software application then compares the data against internal dam databases.

When dams are experiencing a dangerous or critical event, DamWatch can alert personnel via any electronic medium, including cellular telephones and e-mail.

Additionally, customers can use DamWatch’s archiving and event simulation capabilities for hands-on training for emergency preparedness.

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Ludeca system aligns rotating equipment

Ludeca offers OPTALIGN® smart, a new laser system for aligning shafts and couplings on rotating equipment.

The product’s patented automatic continuous sweep measurement mode evaluates hundreds of readings during shaft rotation.

OPTALIGN® smart features an alphanumeric keyboard with navigation, menu keys, and help text to produce a screen picture of measurements.

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The product’s modular concept allows customers to design their own alignment system.

Ludeca is a vendor of preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance tools, including laser alignment equipment.

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Thordon introduces new turbine shaft seal

Thordon Bearings Inc. offers a new type of seal for vertical or horizontal shafts in turbine-generating units.

Thordon says its SXL segmented seal is made of elastromeric polymer, which is resistant to abrasion, high impacts, and shock. The seal is an alternative to shaft seals made of carbon, which the company said can be brittle. As a result, Thordon says its seals are expected to last longer than carbon seals.

Thordon’s seal can operate at pressures of up to 101 pounds per square inch. The seal can be installed on either new or retrofitted turbine shafts.

Thordon says it can custom design seals for particular applications.

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