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ASI Group adds ROV, expands services

ASI Group Ltd. announced it has added a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system, the Seaeye Falcon, to its fleet.

The Seaeye Falcon ROV system weighs less than 220 pounds, and is about 3.46 feet long and 2.08 feet wide. The system can be used during inspection of reservoirs, dams, and penstocks.

The Seaeye Falcon features high-resolution video and profiling and navigation sonar. It can perform inspections of areas up to 3,150 feet, the length of the umbilical cable needed to operate the ROV. It is depth-rated to 1,000 feet, and can enter pipes as small as 2.1 feet in diameter.

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Garlock offers system for shaft seals

Garlock Sealing Technologies has developed a leak-free rotary shaft sealing system, the HYDRA-JUST. The company says the system can replace mechanical seals in virtually any industrial pumping application.

Garlock Sealing Technologies’ HYDRA-JUST system
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Unlike mechanical seals and packing, the new product does not use water to lubricate seal surfaces. Rather, the HYDRA-JUST maintains a bearing relationship to the shaft face in the seal chamber while preventing the process media from migrating into the stuffing box. It creates a radial bearing-to-face seal, which can be less expensive and more cost effective than traditional mechanical seals, the company says.

HYDRA-JUST requires no start-up adjustments or special installation equipment, Garlock says. The system can be installed in less than 1 hour, whereas mechanical seals can take 2 Omega; to 3 hours or longer to install, the company added.

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