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Envirosight product improves inspections

Envirosight LLC, a video pipeline inspection equipment manufacturer, offers a new accessory for ROVVER 125 crawlers to improve inspections in pipelines with diameters up to 36 inches.

Envirosight ROVVER 125
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The accessory raises the height of the centerline for the crawler’s camera by 1/3-inch to 4 inches, in 1/2-inch increments, while keeping the crawler’s center of gravity low. By properly centering the camera, Envirosight said, ROVVER 125 can evenly illuminate the pipe wall and capture consistently detailed visual information from all areas.

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Accusonic introduces new flowmeters

Accusonic Technologies adds two transit-time flowmeters to its product line.

Model 787 is a portable hand-held flowmeter for “detecting leaks, surveying hydro plants, and verifying pump or valve performance. It can be configured for pipe sizes ranging from O-inch to 200 inches in diameter.

Model 797, a permanently mounted system, provides continuous real-time flow measurement and reporting on pipe sizes ranging from 1 to 236 inches in diameter.

Both products use clamp-on style transducers and advanced signal processing to measure liquid flow in full pipes without having to cut into the pipe or shut down operations.

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DLI Engineering offers new monitoring tool

DLI Engineering Corp. introduces improvements to a tool for collecting vibration data from machines in hydroelectric plants.

The eighth generation DLI Watchman DCX– Diagnostic Data Collector features full wireless networking capability.

DLI Watchman DCX – Diagnostic Data Collector
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DLI’s automated diagnostic system is embedded in the collector, allowing users to diagnose machine faults during data collection. Because the instrument features wireless networking, machine condition information is available right at the plant floor, the company said.

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