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ENECON system protects metal, concrete surfaces

ENECON Corp. offers a water-based liquid coating system for protecting metal, concrete, and masonry surfaces. It also can be used as a top coat over most zinc primers. The company says the coating dries to a durable, corrosion-resistant elastomeric “skin.”

ENESEAL CR can be applied by brush, roller, or spray, and cleans up quickly with soap and water. Abrasive blasting is not required.

The product incorporates a blend of corrosion inhibitors, ultraviolet light-resistant resins and pigments, erosion-resistant inorganic fillers, and elastomeric acrylic polymers, says ENECON.

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Envirosight offers new ROV for inspecting pipes

The SuperVision 140 video inspection crawler from Envirosight travels through pipelines to help operators evaluate conditions and identify maintenance needs. The model offers several new features, including a remote-operated camera lift that adjusts view height to center the camera in a variety of line sizes. It also features a rear-viewing camera with infrared illumination to help prevent flips and cable snags when backing up.

The SuperVision 140 design emphasizes maneuverability. It can be steered around pipe taps and other obstacles. Six-wheel drive helps the crawler climb over debris. It can be outfitted with a variety of wheel sizes and traction grades.

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Rockwell releases on-line reporting tool

Rockwell Automation has added an on-line reporting and analytics tool to its condition monitoring services for existing customers. The new tool helps analyze data gathered through maintenance activities and accurately identify machine problems.

The Internet-based tool was developed from feedback and collaboration with service and support customers. Rockwell customers with a service contract can use the tool as a deliverable to identify corrective action based on data gathered through condition monitoring and other predictive maintenance activities.

The tool analyzes data gathered through the plant’s existing condition-based maintenance program and reports the cost-savings benefits of maintenance measures. If faults or issues are identified, the tool also provides recommended corrective actions based on equipment failure rates and potential downtime scenarios.

The tool enables customers to view all reported data, such as vibration, infrared thermography, and oil analysis, unlike traditional monthly report documents based on set reporting parameters and not integrated between predictive technologies.

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