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Campbell Scientific offers improved datalogger

Campbell Scientific Inc. offers its CR3000 Micrologger®. This programmable instrument can measure many kinds of analog and digital sensors, store data, and perform stand-alone control. Campbell Scientific says the datalogger provides greater memory, faster processing, and more measurement channels than its predecessor, the CR23X Micro-logger®, for supervisory control and data acquisition.

The CR3000 is designed for flexibility in long-term, unattended monitoring at single sites or within network applications. The flexibility of the CR3000 enables it to be used with most other commercial sensors, using 5- to 12-volt power and multiple telemetry options.

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Garlock offers new expansion joint

Garlock Sealing Technologies provides an expansion joint for use on general-service applications in hydroelectric plants, such as fire suppression systems and turbine lube oil transfer.

The expansion joint, model 104GS, features a tube and cover made of neoprene. The physical and chemical properties of the synthetic rubber material make the expansion joint, among other things, resistant to oil and abrasion, Garlock says.

The joint is available in inside diameters ranging from 2 to 24 inches and comes complete with galvanized carbon steel retaining rings.

Garlock Sealing Technologies, an EnPro Industries company, designs, manufactures, and sells fluid sealing products throughout the world.

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Climax expands on-site tool training programs

Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc. offers an expanded on-site machine tool training program provided by the Portable Machining Training Institute, a division of Climax. It doubled faculty and said it plans to enlarge its training facility in 2007.

The company said the newly expanded training program meets what it sees as a critical need for a greater number of skilled machinists in various industries, including the hydropower industry, civil engineering, and heavy construction.

Climax has developed training programs for various skill levels: basic on-site machine tool operation; advanced applications and techniques; and train-the-trainer programs.

Two-day training sessions cover operator safety, tool use, and maintenance procedures. Intensive five-day courses teach students how to operate on-site machine tool systems for boring and borewelding, valve repair and refurbishment, milling, flange facing, and lathe.

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