Top-ranked articles for 2006

With each issue of Hydro Review, we survey readers to determine which articles they’ve found most useful. Author(s) of these top-ranked articles are presented with the Author’s Award.

Authors with top-ranked articles for 2006 are:

2006 Industry Sourcebook: “Hydropower’s Treatment in State Renewable Portfolio Standards,” (p. 26) by Jeffrey A. Leahey

March 2006: “Understanding the Driving Factors behind Plant Rehabilitation in North America,” (p. 10) by Donald A. Erpenbeck

April 2006: “Special Report: Wanapum and Priest Rapids – Advanced-Design Turbine at Wanapum Dam Improves Power Output, Helps Protect Fish,” (p. 36) by Stephen R. Brown and Gary M. Garnant

June 2006: “Improving Operations on the Columbia: The Power of Optimization,” (p. 10) by Thomas R. Murphy

August 2006: “Teaming with a Local Community to Share a Hydro Site with the Public” (p. 102) by Steven P. Murphy

September 2006: “What Happened at Taum Sauk?,” (p. 16) a special report to HCI Staff

October 2006: “Future Unit Fish Bypass Planned for Wanapum Dam,” (p. 22) by Curtis L. Dotson and Kathleen R. Kiefer and “Selecting a Licensing Process: Which Approach is Best for Your Project?,” (p. 26) by Steven R. Layman, Fred E. Springer, and David M. Moore

November 2006: “BC Hydro’s Approach to Standardization of Unit Control,” (p. 10) by David B. Apps and Terry A. Bauman

Technical article reviewers

The technical articles published in Hydro Review are peer-reviewed by individuals chosen for their technical expertise. Thanks to the following professionals who reviewed technical articles published in 2006:

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