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Deep Ocean's surface vessels offer new option for dam, hydropower project maintenance and inspection

Deep Ocean T4N

Manufacturing and design company Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. displayed a number of submersible and surface remotely operated vehicles during the recent HydroVision International 2014 Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, Tenn., highlighting their applications in the areas of hydroelectric power and dam safety.

Based in California and having built remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) since 1982, sales manager AJ Cecchettini said Deep Ocean's level of customization across its product line makes it unique.

"A lot of ROV companies will have a certain set of options they always offer, but we're open to do anything," Cecchettini said. "We'll change our vehicle design, we'll custom integrate any third-party sensor. We really pride ourselves in the custom integration.  We want to give the customer the tools they need to complete their tasks, and you just don’t get that with cookie-cutter ROVs."

Deep Ocean's customization also allows clients to use sensors they might already own, Cecchettini said, saving them money on new equipment.

"It's definitely worthwhile for them to work with us," Cecchettini said. "We try to give them exactly what they're going to need, and then options for changing things later."

The company also works directly with a number of sensor and equipment vendors, allowing for further customization.

"They're going to sell their sensors with our vehicles as an option, and we're going to sell our vehicles with their sensors as an option," Cecchettini said. "It’s a synergistic relationship and the customer benefits with a proven integration."

Deep Ocean has also introduced a line of catamaran and mono-hull electronic surface vehicles designed as platforms for unmanned measurements and data collection.

"Boats are the new thing," Cecchettini said. "They're pretty cool. These are a lot less expensive, and it opened up a whole new market for us. Not a lot of people are doing it yet."

Both the ROVs and USVs offer options for tunnel, dam and penstock inspections, multibeam scans, acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) and sonar surveys, trashrack maintenance and more.

"If you have a task, we’re here to help with a custom integrated solution," Cecchettini said.

For more information about Deep Ocean and its product lineup, visit the HydroWorld.com Buyer's Guide.


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