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Parker Hannifin unveils "smart cylinder" for use in hydroelectric gates and governor

Parker Hannifin Intellinder

Motion and control technologies manufacturer Parker Hannifin has announced a hydraulic cylinder equipped with its new "Intellinder" sensor that it will feature at the upcoming HydroVision International 2014 Conference and Exhibition.

The cylinders are an enhanced addition to Parker Hannifin's established line and are intended for use in hydroelectric gate actuation and governor control.

The Intellinder is an "absolute position sensor", Parker Hannifin said, and helps eliminate the time and costs associated with gun drilling by integrating the Intellinder directly into the hydraulic cylinder. The solution also helps reduce problems caused by unprotected external sensors with complex linkages.

Parker Hannifin's sensors signal absolute positioning instead of positions relative to the starting location of the rod, and were subject to exhaustive laboratory and field testing to validate their ability to maintain signal fidelity in challenging environments like hydropower projects and dams.

"The Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor performs across a wide range of temperatures and provides long-stroke capabilities of 27 feet, or 8,229 mm," the company said. "It also features highly sensitive health monitoring to detect and diagnose potential sensor malfunctions before they can disrupt operations."

Parker Hannifin will be displaying its new smart cylinder technology at Booth No. 1001 at HydroVision International 2014.

Now in its 20th year, HydroVision International is the world's largest event dedicated entirely to the hydroelectric power industry. HydroVision International 2014 takes place July 22-25 at Nashville's Music City Center. For more information about HydroVision International 2014, visit HydroEvent.com.

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