Hydro technology supplier JHP signs exclusive import deal with China's Tianjin Tianfa

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A recently signed deal between California-based importer JHP & Associates Inc. and Chinese manufacturer Tianjin Tianfa gives North American hydropower project developers a new option for components and equipment.

The agreement comes after an exhaustive search of qualified factories in China, JHP CEO John Zhang said, with Tianfa being selected based on its experience in designing and manufacturing Kaplan, Francis and Bulb-type turbines and generators. The deal gives JHP exclusive sales and service rights for Tianfa in North America.

JHP's offices in America and China will provide consulting and design services, while its independent quality assurance and control team will oversee production at Tianfa.

On behalf of Tianfa, JHP was able to secure significant bonding facility from a world leading surety company, enabling JHP and Tianfa to satisfy the needs for bonding in North America. Combined with Tianfa, JHP is also capable of supplying runner and valve replacements and upgrades, as well as water-to-wire packages.

Zhang said JHP's goal is to change the way the market thinks about Chinese-manufactured goods.

"Our goal is to set the complete new standard for 'Made in China', and to be the absolute leader in the marketplace," Zhang said.

Already, Tianfa has contributed equipment to more than 360 hydropower projects worldwide, with 932 turbine generator units installed accounting for almost 13,000 MW of cumulative generating power. In addition, JHP’s design and engineering team brings in extensive experience for designing and supplying turbine and generator for about 400 power plants as well.

Zhang said two top executives from the Tianfa plant, as well as several JHP staff will be available at JHP's booth (No. 1136) at HydroVision International 2014 in Nashville, Tenn., to field questions from potential clients.

Now in its 20th year, HydroVision International is the world's largest event dedicated entirely to the hydroelectric power industry. HydroVision International 2014 takes place July 22-25 at Nashville's Music City Center. For more information about HydroVision International 2014, visit HydroEvent.com.

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