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GE unveils new hydro turbine monitoring and protection solution at HydroVision International 2014

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General Electric's Measurement & Control business launched its new Bently Nevada Advanced Distributed Architecture Platform Technology (ADAPT) 3701/46 Hydro Monitor earlier today at HydroVision International 2014 in Nashville, Tenn.

The 3701/46 Hydro Monitor is designed specifically for the protection and condition monitoring of hydro turbines, GE (NYSE: GE) said, and provides users with data to help predict machine failure, prevent unforeseen downtime, and to improve the reliability and availability of hydro machines.

The ADAPT technology brings an "industrial internet solution to the hydro industry", GE said, and represents the culmination of more than 50 years of condition monitoring and expertise by Bently Nevada.

"We are excited to offer an industrial internet solution to monitor hydro machines," GE Bently Nevada senior product manager Joe Taylor said. "We often see hydro machines that are cycled on- and off-line multiple times per day, which are extreme operating conditions for hydro units.

"At the same time, regular maintenance outages are reduced or eliminated. This exacerbates the need to be continually monitoring the machines, analyzing the data, and delivering actionable information to the machine operators so they can predict downtime and run successful operations."

The ADAPT 3701/46's compact size allows mounting near the hydro unit and uses GE's System 1 Evolution Basic software, adding additional troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities.

The units are optimized for the lower speeds of hydro turbines, GE said, and incorporates specialized measurements to detect rough load zone, propeller, blade or bucket nX frequencies, cavitation, and conventional measurements of shaft radial position and vibration, thrust position, and absolute vibration using proximity probes, accelerometers or velocity sensors.

For more information about the ADAPT units, visit GE's website here.

HydroWorld.com reported in June that General Electric completed a multi-billion dollar deal that gave the company significant shares in Alstom's power and grid businesses.

For more technology and equipment news, visit here.

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