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Wave energy developer wins research grant

Perpetuwave Generating Unit

Australian ocean energy developer Perpetuwave Power Pty Ltd. has received a US$105,000 grant to test its "Wave Harvester" technology in southeast England.

The funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme and will help Pepetuwave conduct a series of tests on a scale prototype.

"The major outcome of the project is to position Perpetuwave to advance to a full-scale pilot power plant as the final step in the technology authentication phase," CEO Glen Dullaway said.

The Wave harvester design uses large, independently operated elongated floats that move up and down via a trailing arm design from a structure located above the devices. The floats operate parallel to the wave fronts and can move backwards as well as upwards, capturing the energy in any breaking waves. Fixed horizontal stabilizer plates limit rocking motion of the system, the company said. All working components, including the generator, are located above water in a sealed environment.

The company said its newly-established office in Cornwall will work with the University of Exeter in performing the scales tests.

"These authentic results can then be used to reliably forecast electricity generated, and revenue of commercial projects," Dullaway said.

HydroWorld.com reported in January 2012 that Perpetuwave had partnered with the University of Queensland in developing the Wave Harverster technology.

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