GE unveils new exciter for 100 amp class applications

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General Electric's Measurement & Control unit has announced a new excitation control system that builds upon the company's established Mark VIe line.

Called the EX2100e Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Ge said the new exciters modernize brushless and rotating DC exciters that require voltage regulator output up to 120A DC.

"The EX2100e 120A is a dependable, high-performance excitation control system that maximizes the performance and protection of generating assets," said Terry Knight, general manager of the Control Solutions business at GE Measurement & Control. "It will allow GE to offer the performance and operational benefits of the EX2100e control to a global installed base of customers that require a voltage regulator in the 100 amp range."

Highlights of the new exciter include:

  • Hardware and software designed and tested to meet rigorous cyber security standards, with Achilles certification;
  • A compact footprint and flexible packaging, including full panels and as parts kits; and
  • A modular system designed to allow incremental upgrades.

GE said the EX2100e 120A is available in North America now and will be available worldwide by the end of the year.

For information on even more companies providing exciters and excitation systems, visit the Buyer's Guide.

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