New hydro projects provide big boost for Panama's installed capacity

Statistics provided by Panama's Empresa de Transmision Electrica S.A. show the country's installed capacity generated by hydroelectric projects increased more than 13% in 2012, has learned.

The increase, which equates to 282 MW of Panama's 2.43 GW of installed capacity, is attributed to a number of new run-of-river hydropower projects that came online or received upgrades through the past year.

Included in that figure are the 5.35-MW El Fraile, 25.8-MW Gualaca, 33.8-MW Lorena, 56.8-MW Bajo de Mina, 88.2-MW Baitun, 13.1-MW Hidropiedra and 58.7-MW Prudencia hydroelectric projects.

Many of the projects are part of Panama's 2009 plan to increase its overall hydroelectric capacity by 1,047 MW.

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