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  • Unit at Barkley hydropower plant operating again after stator winding repair


    A 32.5-MW turbine-generator unit at the 130-MW Barkley plant is now operating following repairs to generator stator windings that were damaged by a fire in December 2010. The information presented here was taken from a story written by Fred Tucker, public affairs specialist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    The facility is on the Cumberland River in Kentucky and is owned and operated by the Corps. Unit 1, the unit affected, was placed on line in 1966. The repair cost $11.5 million and began in August 2012.

    National Electric Coil of Columbus, Ohio, performed the repair work, which involved removing the generator and disassembling it for inspection. The fire was determined to be caused by a phase-to-ground fault in the stator.

    Twenty-three field poles were removed from the rotor and shipped to National Electric Coil’s facility. They were refurbished before being reinstalled in the Barkley unit, says Jamie James, Nashville District project manager. The company also manufactured and installed core laminations and stator coils. Additional work performed included asbestos and lead paint abatement, bearing refurbishment, air cooler replacement, and field verification measurements for fit and alignment.

    The unit was returned to service in November 2013. It will be tested in spring 2014 to check stator irons, coils, alignments, proper lubrication, and for anything out of the ordinary, says Jamie Holt, Barkley power plant specialist.

    The Barkley powerhouse is being included in a full-day technical tour offered in conjunction with HydroVision International 2014. Barkley, along with the Tennessee Valley Authority’s 184-MW Kentucky Dam project, are the destinations for the Land Between the Lakes Tour on Monday, July 21.

    The Corps awarded a contract to Ostrom Painting and Sandblasting Inc. in September 2012 to perform surface preparation and coating work on five of the tainter gates at this facility.

    For more rehabilitation and repair news, click here.

    (Photo courtesy Fred Tucker, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

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