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OPG celebrates century of production at Healey Falls hydropower project

Healey Falls hydropower project

Dignitaries from Ontario's Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Waterpower Association, and members of the Campbellford community and hydroelectric power industry joined Ontario Power Generation earlier today in celebrating the centennial of the Healey Falls Generating Station.

The 18 MW hydropower project, located on the Trent-Severn Waterway, first began producing electricity in 1913 after construction began two years earlier.

"The 100-year milestone for the Healey Falls Generating Station is a testament to the contributions that clean hydroelectric power has made and continues to make to our province," Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli said. "Hydroelectric power will continue to be a central part of Ontario's energy supply, providing clean, affordable and reliable power for many decades to come."

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) began a project in 2008 to expand Healey Falls' capacity by adding a new 6.4 MW generating unit.

"Through the hard work of our staff, and with strong community support, plants like Healey Falls have been providing emission free energy for 100 years," OPG Vice-President of Hydroelectric and Thermal Projects Mike Martelli said. "Recent improvements ensure they will continue to do so for decades to come."

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) was also present at the ceremony.

"Ontario's original economic prosperity was built on the power of water," OWA President Paul Norris said. "I want to congratulate Ontario Power Generation and recognize the generations of employees who have made this centennial celebration possible."

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