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International Hydropower Association announces World Congress schedule

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The International Hydropower Association has released the program schedule for the IHA World Congress, which takes place May 21-24, 2013, in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The program slate includes 12 sessions and six side meetings. Included are discussions and presentations about a number of issues relevant to the international hydroelectric power community.

Sessions scheduled include:

  • Directions for Hydropower
  • Is Sustainability Constraining Economic Development?
  • Regional Interonnections: Making it Work and Maximizing Value
  • Water and Energy Policies
  • CEO Roundtable: What is Modern Hydropower?
  • Who's Investing in Hydropower?
  • Working With Project Affected Communities
  • Informing Decision-Making: Emerging Roles for the Protocol
  • Incorporating Sustainability Into Business Practices
  • Climate Change: Four Dimensions for Hydropower
  • Renewable Systems: Sharing Experience
  • Closing Session: IHA World Congress Overview

Meanwhile, the event's side meetings include:

  • GHG and Freshwater Reservoirs: What is the State of the Art?
  • Introduction to the Hydropower Sustainability Protocol
  • Sustainability Partners Meeting
  • Net GHG Emissions Workshop
  • Multipurpose Hydropower
  • IHA General Meeting

Full details about each of the sessions and side meetings can be found at the IHA World Congress website here.

The IHA World Congress is a biennial event which brings players in the hydropower industry together with policy and decision makers to discuss the global opportunities, challenges and issues facing hydroelectric developers, owners and operators.

For more information about the IHA World Congress, visit the organization's webpage at IHACongress.org.

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