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Department of Energy seeks partners for marine power impact research

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A competitive funding opportunity announced by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Water Resource Program is designed to help reduce market barriers commonly faced by the marine and hydrokinetic technology industry.

DOE said it will collaborate with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in divvying up US$1.9 million in funding between 11 recipients to fund projects that address data needs and an increased understanding of the environmental effects of marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technology.

Included in DOE's "Marine and Hydrokinetic Environmental Effects Assessment and Monitoring" program are allocations for:

  • Fish Behavior and Mortality Around Hydrokinetic Turbines (One Award; $200,000-$500,000): This projects will quantify the behavior of fish around tidal or current turbines, with an emphasis on avoidance and evasion behaviors.
  • Environmental Monitoring of MHK Projects (Four Awards; $150,000-$400,000 each): Through collection of environmental monitoring data deployed MHK devices, awarded projects wil help to reduce uncertainty for high priority environmental questions regarding MHK technologies
  • Analysis of Environmental Effects of MHK Surrogate Technologies (Two to Six Awards; $50,000-$150,000 each): Projects will analyze existing data from surrogate technologies with stressors and receptors similar to those expected from MHK technologies, in order to characterize the potential environmental risk posed by MHK device deployments.

"The lessons learned as a result of this competitive solicitation will be shared with regulators and other MHK stakeholders, helping to inform the future of the industry while supporting pioneering MHK projects," DOE said.

Applicants are request to submit their letters of intent by April 18, 2013, which will be used by DEO to organize and expedite the merit review process.

More information and an application for consideration are available at DOE's financial opportunities website.

For more ocean, tidal and stream power news, visit here.

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