Corps completes pile concrete work at Wolf Creek Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Nashville District has poured concrete for the last pile of the Wolf Creek Dam's barrier wall as part of a dam safety improvement project, has learned.

The step marks the last and most critical part of the project, the Corps said, which was required to mitigate seepage through the karst geology deep in Wolf Creek Dam's foundation.

The pile is one of almost 1,200 that are approximately three feet in diameter and extend up to 2775 into bedrock below the foundation of the embankment.

"This is a monumental occasion for both the local and downstream communities that rely on the dam for its economic and water management benefits," said Lt. Col. James A DeLapp, Nashville District commander.

Pending a successful review, the Corps said it will raise the impounded Lake Cumberland about 20 feet from its current operating zone to between 500 and 705 feet in elevation.

Wolf Creek is also home to a 270 MW hydropower project of the same name.

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