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Reclamation announces new online resource for hydropower project developers

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has developed a new website designed to assist hydropower project customers, stakeholders and those interested in developing hydro power under the Lease of Power Privilege process.

Reclamation said documents available on the site include:

"The website provides the necessary information that potential developers and stakeholder groups need on Lease of Power Privilege," Reclamation's Hydropower Senior Advisor Kerry McCalman said.

The LOPP process requirements -- finalized in September 2012 -- give developers "clear guidance and timelines, assign roles and responsibilities, set a standard methodology and identify potential charges for developers," Reclamation said.

A LOPP is used when Reclamation chooses to lease its right to develop hydropower at one of its facilities, assuming power development does not interfere with other authorized project purposes.

The new website is available here.

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