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SSE announces renovation of 2.4-MW Storr Loch hydropower plant

Scotland's Storr Lochs hydropower project will soon receive a US$2.41 million refurbishment.

The 2.4-MW Storr Lochs hydroelectric plant was constructed in the early 1950s and gets its power from the natural 446-foot drop between Loch Fada and Loch Leathan below.

The steepness of the location made a road unfeasible, prompting engineers to construct a cable-powered railway that, now 60 years later, still services the Storr Lochs powerhouse.

The plant is currently owned by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), which said its rehabilitation program will extend Storr Loch's life by renovating its generators, switch gear and control gear. Work on the project is expected to begin and end in 2014.

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