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    • 12/17/2013 -- A Christmas wish, from Michael Harris
      I'm not sure that it's a tangible or improvable skill like, say, playing the piano (which I was at one time relatively good at) or hacking divots into the golf course (which might be why I've never been asked to participate in the annual HydroVision International tournament), but I am bad -- woefully so, in fact -- at Christmas.
    • 12/12/2013 -- A hydropower engineer walks into a bar…
      When the owner of a pub in the United Kingdom needed a way to provide electricity for its operations that relied on renewables rather than fossil fuel, hydroelectric power became the answer. How fun is that?!
    • 04/22/2013 -- When is the last time you saw this much legislation favorable to hydro?
      I am so excited for the U.S. hydropower industry right now!
    • 05/07/2013 -- Comments from the peanut gallery
      I have always maintained a front row seat in the peanut gallery. From a very young age, I had the gift of inserting unique perspectives at opportune (and sometimes, inopportune) moments.
    • 05/28/2013 -- A public safety lesson learned in person
      PennWell is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., and many of us watched the news and weather with trepidation as the tornado hit Oklahoma City on Monday, May 20. Oklahoma City is about 100 miles west and slightly south of Tulsa, and the storm was headed northeast. We in Tulsa were extremely lucky that the system that spawned this tornado, which was 1.3 miles wide and had estimated peak winds of 200 to 210 miles per hour, passed to the north of our city.
    • 06/19/2013 -- Giving honor where it is due
      As all of us in the Hydro Group gear up for HydroVision International (a little than a month to go!), I am personally looking forwarding to attending for the very first time.
    • 07/11/2013 -- Are you excited for HydroVision yet?
      Much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, the date of our anniversary is often one that escapes me.
    • 07/25/2013 -- I have HydroVision on the brain this week, for good reason
      One of the (many) fun things about being at HydroVision International 2013 in Denver, Colorado, this week is that there is no shortage of topics to blog about. When I started thinking about what I was going to say in this week’s blog, there were so many different things I could talk about, it seemed impossible to narrow it down to just one.
    • 08/20/2013 -- Keeping a weather eye on FERC
      One of my responsibilities as senior editor of the Hydro Group for PennWell is to keep the premium content subscribers on HydroWorld.com apprised with regard to hydro project activity taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
    • 09/11/2013 -- Can't we all just get along?
      It has been my observation that the relationship between hydropower developers and environmental protection groups within the United States is, for the most part, civil -- though such outward benevolence often belies apprehensions about the other party's ulterior motives.

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