Belarus seeking Indian financing for trio of hydroelectric projects

A recent diplomatic mission could see Indian hydropower investments in Belarus, according to the state-run Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BeITA).

The Indian delegation -- led by SMS International Infrastructure Limited Chairman Abhay Harakchand -- made the trip at the request of the Energy Ministry of Belarus.

Sources said the group has shown an interest in several Belarusian hydroelectric projects, including the 5.1-MW Mogilev, 4.9-MW Shklov, and 4.4-MW Rechitsa. The total cost of the projects is estimated to be around US$90 million.

India's interest results from strong commerce between the countries. In 2011, BeITA said Inda/Belarus trade equaled more than $506 million.

Belarus has recently shown a strong interest in developing its hydroelectric portfolio. Earlier this month, reported that the country is considering an investment proposal for the 20-MW Nemnovo hydropower plant, and the government is seeking investors for a number of new hydro facilities along the Dnieper River.

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