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ANEEL gives approval to two Brazilian hydropower projects

Brazil's energy regulator has approved a pair of Eletrobras-owned hydroelectric plants, has learned.

The 19.5-MW Santo Cristo and 18-MW Coxilha Rica hydropower projects -- both of which will be run by Eletrobras subsidiary Eletrosul -- were cleared recently after having been initially denied permits by the Agencia Nacional de Energia Electrica (ANEEL) in April.

Both the Santo Cristo and Coxilha Rica plants are to be located near Lages on the Uruguay River in south Brazil.

The Coxhila Rica plant is expected to begin operating in December 2014, with the Santo Cristo coming online in January 2015.

In other Brazilian news, recently reported that more than 10 GW-worth of hydroelectric generating capacity have gone unclaimed after several utilities refused to agree to the country's new energy rate cuts.

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