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Hydro Tasmania awards contract for work at 10.5-MW Rowallan hydropower project

Hydro Tasmania has awarded a US$4 million contract to Hazell Bros for the first stage of an upgrade project at Rowallan Dam.

The contract will see Hazell Bros. make improvements to the 44-year-old dam, bringing it up to modern standards over the next three years.

Hydro Tasmania says a 2011 review found the dam's performance was consistent with expectations for a structure of its design, construction and age, although improved understandings of risks will allow the utility to reduce risks that were unforeseen in 1968.

As per the contract, Hazell Bros. will construct new concrete walls inside the existing spillway walls by May 2013, after which it will increase the dam's flood capacity through summer 2015.

In all, Hydro Tasmania says it expects to spend about $14 million on work at Rowallan Dam over the next three years as part of the company's rolling 10-year asset management plan.

Rowallan Dam is located on the Mersey River and also includes a 10.5-MW hydroelectric powerhouse.

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