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Rouby of Cognac wins bid for work at France's 5.9-MW Panneciere hydroelectric project

Hydropower engineer Hydrostadium has awarded a contract to Rouby of Cognac for work at the 5.9-MW Panneciere hydropower plant on France's Yonne River.

Hydrostadium, a subsidiary of Electricite de France (EDF), last took bids for the work in June.

As per the contract, Rouby of Cognac is to refurbish the valve of the project's compensating basin and design and construct upstream and downstream cofferdams.

The value of the contract was not specified in the award notice, but the work is required to take eight months.

Pannecierre Dam was built in 1949 for flood control of the Seine River. EDF added its hydroelectric component in 1950.

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