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Crown Estate seeks input from hydrokinetic community

The Crown Estate is inviting members of the hydrokinetic industry to participate in an exercise that could help shape the future of wave and tidal leasing in the United Kingdom.

The Crown Estates says that with 37 demonstration sites already leased -- including several earlier this week -- the UK wishes to build upon its wave and tidal experience to help the industry grow further.

The Crown Estate's "Wave & Tidal Future Leasing Industry Engagement Exercise" asks project developers to share their vision of future schemes, including where and when these projects might be developed. It also asks developers how the Crown Estate might improve the leasing process.

"Consistent with the long-term view we take across all assets, it is important for us to understand how we can best help the UK's portfolio of wave and tidal projects grow in future years," says Rob Hastings, Director of Energy and Infrastructure Portfolio.

More information can be found via an exercise packet produced by the Crown Estate, available here.

The deadline for responses is September 21.

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