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Crown Estate grants leases for United Kingdom hydrokinetic sites

The Crown Estate has awarded three site leases for wave and tidal projects.

The leases, granted as part of the Crown Estate's Further Scottish Leasing (Saltire Prize projects) and Demonstration Leases project, will allow the recipients to license seabed areas within the United Kingdom's Renewable Energy Zone.

The Crown Estate owns the majority of the seabed within a 12-nautical-mile limit of United Kingdom territorial waters, and the estate has already made available areas for the development of offshore tidal power projects.

The most recent licensees and their allotted lots are:

-- Tidal Energy Ltd. (St. Davids Head)
-- Voith Hydro Wavegen (Isle of Lewis)
-- Pulse Tidal Ltd (Lynmouth) reported that the Crown Estate awarded nine similar leases in December 2011.

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