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Corps awards contract for embankment repairs at 494-MW Big Bend hydropower plant

Brunow Contracting LLC has been awarded a contract worth US$194,975 for dam embankment repairs at the 494-MW Big Bend hydropower plant on the Missouri River in South Dakota.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Omaha District last sought bids for the work in June, which includes placement of government-supplied bedding and riprap to repair erosion scarping along about 4,800 feet of upstream embankment slope.

Other work includes placing riprap to a 300-foot reach of upstream embankment slope, plus excavation and seeding.

The Omaha District is currently sweeking bids to rehabilitate spillway gates at the 494-MW Big Bend hydroelectric project on the Missouri River in South Dakota. Bids now are due Aug. 14.

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