Power Machines advances units of three Russian hydro projects

Russian equipment manufacturer Power Machines reports it has carried out manufacture and shipping of turbine-generator equipment for three Russian hydroelectric projects.

Power Machines said July 20 it completed manufacture of main equipment for the fourth and last 30.5-MW hydropower unit of the 70.5-MW Svetogorskaya hydroelectric plant, part of the Vuoksa River hydropower cascade in northwestern Russia. The firm plans to begin installation of the equipment at Unit No. 2, with operation scheduled for November. The work is to increase Svetogorskaya's total installed capacity to 122 MW.

Power Machines said it also completed the manufacture of main equipment for the fourth and last 29.5-MW unit of the 94-MW Lesogorskaya plant, also in the Vuoksa cascade. To be completed in 2013, the work is to increase Lesogorskaya's capacity to 118 MW.

The manufacturer is performing the work for regional utility Territorial Generation Co. No. 1 within the framework of a US$214 million large-scale comprehensive renovation of the Vuoksa hydropower cascade.

More equipment shipped to retrofit 6,400-MW Sayano-Shushenskaya

Power Machines said July 19 it completed shipment of the eighth set of generator equipment to the Russian Far East to retrofit units of the 6,400-MW Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric project.

The supplier said it would continue shipping ready-made nodes of turbine equipment and the next generator. So far three of seven deliverable nodes for the ninth generator have been shipped by rail to project owner RusHydro JSC. The rest of the generator equipment is to be produced in the third quarter of 2012 with turbine equipment to be produced in the fourth quarter.

Turbines are being equipped with an advanced process protection system that automatically shuts down the unit if any unacceptable performance deviations occur in monitored parameters.

An explosion at Sayano-Shushenskaya in early August 2009 caused the turbine room to flood. The accident killed 71 people and destroyed three of the project's 10 turbine-generators.

RusHydro commissioned the facility's fifth hydropower unit in December, the first unit to be put on line that is not restored but instead entirely new. Four previous units were restored and put back into operation after the 2009 accident.

Power Machines added that in July and August it will ship by water the next two consignments of oversized nodes comprising four impellers and parts of generator equipment. They are to be the last consignments of oversized equipment designed for Sayano-Shushenskaya, on the Yenisei River in the remote region of Khakassia.

Power Machines signed a US$371.4 million contract with RusHydro in November 2009 providing for 10 hydropower turbines and nine generators with a capacity of 640 MW each as well as six excitation systems. Power Machines also is providing installation, supervision services, and commissioning of the equipment.

Final unit operates at Brazil's 79.38-MW Passo Sao Joao

Power Machines reported July 20 the second turbine-generator of the two-unit 79.38-MW Passo Sao Joao hydroelectric project began operation on Brazil's Ijui River. The first unit was put into service earlier in the year.

The Russian supplier manufactured and installed the two 39.69-MW units under a US$10.3 million contract with Brazilian utility Eletrosul Centrais Eletricas S.A. In addition, in 2011 and 2012 Power Machines has supplied spare parts kits for the Passo Sao Joao generators under terms of supplementary agreements signed with Eletrosul last September.

Located in Rio Grande do Sul State, the US$178.8 million Passo Sao Joao includes a 21-meter-tall dam and a reservoir of 20.6 square kilometers.

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