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Aboriginal Canadian group reviewing 824-MW Muskrat Falls hydropower project

NAIN, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada 6/22/12 (PennWell) -- The Nunatsiavut government is teaming up with a group of Canadian scientists to see how the proposed 824-MW Muskrat Falls hydropower plant could impact the livelihood of Inuit in Newfoundland and Labrador, has learned.

The Nunatsiavut say the work will be done using scientific, peer-reviewed research methods and seeks to forecast how the hydroelectric project will effect the Inuit lifestyle.

Nunatsiavut officials say they hope Muskrat Falls' developer Nalcor Energy will also participate in the review.

Community information sessions have already begun, the Nunatsiavut government says, with a pilot program and additional consultations before the end of the year. reported in March that the Muskrat Falls facility had been approved by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Another aboriginal group -- the Innu tribe -- gave its approval to the project in July 2011.

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