Alstom wins US $30 million Los Angeles rehab contract

LOS ANGELES 5/7/12 (PennWell) -- The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has awarded a contract worth about US$30 million for rehabilitation work at the 1,250-MW Castaic hydropower facility.

Under terms of the contract, Alstom will design, install and install a new hooped Pelton runner for Unit 7. The runner -- an Alstom-patented design -- is an impulse turbine with buckets supported by two separate hoops. The company will also provide a new generator, governor, exciter and controls.

The Castaic project is about 35 miles north of Los Angeles. Six of its seven units are pumped-storage units, though Unit 7 is a conventional 55-MW unit.

Alstom says commissioning of the rehabilitated unit is expected for 2014.

The company announced it was awarded a $12 million contract for another California project in March, when the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation tapped Alstom for work at 140-MW Trinity.

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