Norconsult re-opening Nairobi office on heels of Kenya project

NAIROBI, Kenya 3/9/12 (PennWell) -- Norwegian engineering and design firm Norconsult plans to re-open a branch in Nairobi in order to support an increasing number of Kenyan development projects.

Recently, Norconsult was selected to undertake the review, verification and update of the detailed design for the country's Yatta Dam, Canal and Water Supply & Sanitatinon Project. The company will also supervise all phases of the 42-month project.

A release from Norconsult says tender documents will be produced and assistance provided to the client during the tender process. Norconsult will then act as the engineer for the project's construction.

The company is part of a consortium that was awarded a contract for consultancy services in Kenya's Gucha Migori river basin in May 2011.

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