India forming committee to fast-track small hydro projects

PUNE, India 3/27/12 (PennWell) -- India's government has appointed a committee tasked with expediting the identification of small hydropower production sites, sources report.

The source says 88 small hydroelectric projects are already being developed near Pune but that another 100 sites have been identified and will soon have tenders issued for their development.

The projects are expected to be built by private companies with 35-year build-operate-transfer agreements, according to the source, to save expenditures on construction and maintenance.

Several of these small projects are already generating power or under construction, including 6-MW Neera-Devghar, 0.7-MW Khadakwasla, 4-MW Temghar, and two projects at the Veer Dam that will combine for 14 MW.
In other development news in India, pre-feasibility reports for a 9,750-MW project on the Brahmaputra River in Arucachal Pradesh were recently announced.

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