Philippines' Decorp looking for electrical sources

MANILA, Philippines 1/30/12 (PennWell) -- The SN-Aboitiz Power Corporation will soon supply hydroelectric power to utility Dagupan Electric Corporation (Decorp), pending approval from the Filipino Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Under the proposal, SN-Aboitiz would supply Decorp with 10,000 kW of energy daily from the 105-MW Ambuklao hydro plant. The deal would last 10 years.

Ambuklao was originally commissioned as a 75-MW plant but closed temporarily in 1999. The facility was refurbished and commissioned with an expanded capacity of 105 MW in October 2011.

SN-Aboitiz is a joint venture between Aboitiz Power and Norway's SN Power. The two bought Ambuklao in 2008.

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