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Regulation and Policy 2012 P5

  • Fri Feb 10 15:05:40 CST 2012 -- Hydroelectric development in Quebec takes hit with Plan Nord revision
    A measure being hailed as the "largest environmental conservation project on the planet" could close as much as 30% of Quebec's northern territory from hydroelectric development, sources report.
  • Thu Feb 16 13:20:10 CST 2012 -- Bureau of Reclamation releases 2013 budget
    The President's fiscal year 2013 budget released earlier this week includes US$1 billion for the Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Mon Feb 20 09:30:20 CST 2012 -- FERC issues four licenses, one exemption in January
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued four hydropower licenses totaling 19.072 MW and one exemption of 300 kW in January, including the pilot license for a hydrokinetic project.
  • Mon Feb 27 09:40:50 CST 2012 -- FERC schedules technical conference on reactive power
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has scheduled a technical conference on the need for generators to provide reactive power capability to the electricity transmission grid.
  • Mon Feb 27 10:10:40 CST 2012 -- U.S. Supreme Court unanimously opposes Montana state decision
    The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously overturned a Montana state Supreme Court decision that would have required energy provider PPL Montana to pay US$41 million in back rent for the use of riverbeds under portions of three Montana rivers.
  • Tue Feb 28 13:16:00 CST 2012 -- BPA prepares hydro oversupply plan to compensate wind curtailment
    Bonneville Power Administration is preparing to file a plan with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that will compensate wind power generators when BPA orders them to cease generation to make room on the grid for free excess federal hydropower resulting from high river flows in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Fri Mar 02 09:10:20 CST 2012 -- FERC relicenses 43.2-MW Nantahala, last of six Duke relicenses
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has relicensed the 43.2-MW Nantahala hydroelectric project, the last of six Duke Energy projects in North Carolina to be relicensed under terms of comprehensive settlement agreements.
  • Mon Mar 05 16:06:00 CST 2012 -- FERC approves plans for new 300-KW ocean power plant
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved plans for a 300-KW tidal energy project near Maine's Cobscook Bay, according to members of the state's congressional delegation.
  • Tue Mar 06 10:10:50 CST 2012 -- FERC begins EIS scoping for 600-MW Susitna-Watana
    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has initiated a scoping process to develop an environmental impact statement for Alaska Energy Authority's proposed 600-MW Susitna-Watana hydroelectric project on Alaska's upper Susitna River.
  • Wed Mar 07 15:20:10 CST 2012 -- New bill could remove NEPA compliance from some small hydro projects
    The U.S. House will vote today on a bill that would give developers of small hydroelectric projects that use Bureau of Reclamation canals and ditches the ability to bypass current environmental reviews.

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