Hydropower industry represented during annual Platts Global Energy awards

NEW YORK CITY 12/6/11 (PennWell) -- Several members from hydroelectric-related industries received honors from the 13th annual Platts Global Energy Awards held this month in New York City.

The awards -- created to "honor and recognize those who have transcended the status quo in the name of leadership, innovation and performance" -- were given in 19 categories at the black-tie event.

Of particular interest to the hydropower industry are the awards given to Petrobras, E.ON Climate & Renewables ,Southern Company and Richard Kelly, former chief executive officer of Xcel Energy.

Petrobas walked away with Energy Producer of the Year honors in the "Vision & Leadership" category and an Energy Producer of the Year award for "Operational Excellence." The Brazil-based energy conglomerate has expanded its portfolio to include small hydroelectric plants in small urban centers and rural regions in recent years.

E.ON Climate & Renewables was awarded the title Green Energy Generator of the Year for "aggressively pursuing low or zero-emission energy production". E.ON is a global corporation with interests in many renewable energy sources, including a number of hydroelectric projects in Europe.

Southern Company claimed Power Company of the Years honors for demonstrating "strategic forethought, technical know-how and a determination never to let the customer down," according to Platts' website. Southern Company, one of the largest power suppliers in the U.S., serves more than 4.4 million customers and operates more than 30 hydroelectric plants in Alabama and Georgia. The company was also a sponsor for the 2010 Hydro Research Foundation's Hydro Fellows Program in 2010.

And retired Xcel Energy president and CEO Richard C. Kelly was one of three who received Platts' Lifetime Achievement Award. Kelly retired in August 2010 after 43 years with Xcel and predecessor companies.

For a full list of winners, visit the Platts Global Energy Awards website.

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