HMV Ingenieros expanding small hydropower capacity in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia 12/8/11 (PennWell) -- Colombian power and engineering company HMV Ingenieros will add up to 200 MW in small hydroelectric capacity in the coming years, news sources report.

HMV has already developed the 9.8-MW Guanaquitas and 9.5-MW Caruquia hydropower projects in the country's Guadalupe River Basin, and the company is currently working on two more.

Barroso and El Popal -- each with a 20.4 MW capacity and located in Antioquia department -- are expected to come online in 2012.

HMV was also awarded a temporary concession by Peru's energy and mines ministry last year, giving the company 24 months to conduct feasibility studies for another 20-MW facility in the Aracucho region

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