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Corps awards include fishway work at 810-MW Lower Monumental

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded contracts for work at several hydroelectric projects, including $6.5 million for fishway outfall modifications at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River in Washington.

The Corps took bids in August to relocate juvenile fish bypass outfall pipes at Lower Monumental and at 980-MW McNary Dam on the Columbia River in Oregon.

The Corps' Walla Walla District awarded a contract to Advanced American Construction Inc. of Portland, Ore., to improve survival of bypassed fish returned to the river at Lower Monumental by relocating the juvenile bypass outfall pipes to a location with improved hydraulic conditions, reducing predation opportunity.

Advanced American is to connect a pipe to the existing bypass system line and extend it about 2,100 feet downstream and 500 feet into the river.

Washington firm wins crane rehab contract for 42.6-MW Albeni Falls

The Corps' Seattle District awarded a $5.49 million contract to Dix Corp. for intake and spillway crane rehabilitation at the 42.6-MW Albeni Falls hydroelectric project on the Pend Oreille River in Idaho.

The Corps took bids for the work in August.

Dix, of Spokane, Wash., is to rehabilitate both intake and spillway cranes including new guard rail, access ladders, and gates; new platform, guard rail, and cable reel; new generator set; new main cab; new auxiliary cab for the intake crane; main hoist; trolley drive; and gantry drive.

Oregon firm to install spillway weir stoplogs at 2,160-MW John Day

The Corps' Portland District awarded a $984,900 contract to Oregon Iron Works Inc. to supply temporary spillway weir stoplogs at 2,160-MW John Day Dam, on the Columbia River in Oregon.

The Corp took bids for the work in September.

Oregon Iron Works, of Clackamas, Ore., is to supply seven newly fabricated stoplogs that are critical for working on spillway tainter gates.

Corps awards tainter gate rehab for 58-MW Clarence Cannon

The Corps' St. Louis District awarded an $845,839 contract to Tarlton Corp. for repair and repainting of tainter gates and bulkheads at the 58-MW Clarence Cannon hydroelectric project in northeast Missouri.

The Corps took bids for the work in August for Clarence Cannon, which impounds the Salt River to form Mark Twain Lake.

Tarlton, of Saint Louis, Mo., is to sandblast, clean, and paint tainter gates at the main dam and a re-regulation dam and bulkheads at the re-regulation dam. Included is replacement of all seals on the bulkheads.

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