NHA schedules pumped storage workshop with Northwest meeting

BELLEVUE, Wash., U.S. 9/14/11 (PennWell) -- The National Hydropower Association has scheduled a pumped storage workshop Oct. 3 in Bellevue, the day before a regional hydropower meeting at the same site.

NHA held an Alaska Regional Meeting in August to discuss financing, the regulatory process, and public policy that affects new hydro development.

The association now plans the NHA Pumped Storage Workshop in conjunction with the NHA/Northwest Hydropower Association Northwest Regional Meeting Oct. 4 at Puget Sound Energy Auditorium in Bellevue.

Workshop sessions and roundtable discussions are to cover topics including NHA's Pumped Storage White Paper, project developments, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy activity. Sessions also will address understanding storage needs and revenue opportunities, equipment selection, and energy storage asset revenue modeling.

Topics will include issues such as providing ancillary services to transmission grids, support for intermittent renewables such as solar and wind power, and the particular requirements for licensing pumped-storage projects.

Prospective participants may obtain information and register for the workshop on the NHA Internet site under Information on the NHA/NWHA Northwest Regional Meeting can be obtained from the NWHA website at

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