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Bank seeks consultants for Laos renewables including small hydro

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) invites expressions of interest from consultants to help the government of Laos develop renewable energy, including small hydropower, in remote communities of Laos. Responses to three solicitations are due September 6 and October 31.

ADB recruited consultants in 2009 to help Laos create a small and mini-hydroelectric development program.

ADB is providing project preparation technical assistance to Laos' Ministry of Energy and Mines for its program of renewable energy development in remote communities of Laos. The work is to require 18 person-months of international consultants and 30 person-months of domestic consultants over nine months.

In one solicitation, the bank seeks domestic consultants including a rural energy development specialist who has expertise in renewables including small hydropower, a gender and social development specialist, a resettlement and environmental specialist, a financial and management specialist, a rural electrification technical specialist, and a team of field engineers and technicians. Expressions of interest are due September 6.

In another solicitation, the bank seeks international consultants including an energy engineer who has expertise in renewables including small hydropower, a technical specialist who is an electrical or mechanical engineer, an environmental or sustainability index specialist, a resettlement specialist, and a financial management specialist in energy. Expressions of interest are due September 6.

In a third solicitation, the bank seeks an international consultant who is a social development specialist. Expressions of interest are due October 31.

Information on the solicitations is on the ADB Internet site at Terms of reference are available on the same site. Expressions of interest may be submitted for all three solicitations via the same site.

The ADB project officer is Paul Hattle, E-mail:; Internet:

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