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Premier: Manitoba to proceed with Keeyask hydro station development

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger said Manitoba Hydro, in partnership with four Keeyask Cree Nations, will begin to develop the 695-MW Keeyask hydropower project this summer, starting with the construction of a 25-kilometer access road to the site.

The Keeyask hydro station, on hold since 2009 when the Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership was formally established, is moving ahead to fulfill C4 billion in export sales agreements that Manitoba Hydro recently signed with Minnesota and Wisconsin utilities, wire reports indicate.

The premier announced recently that sales agreements to supply power to three U.S. utilities would require the building of the Keeyask station.

Construction of the Keeyask station will take seven years, with the first unit coming online in 2019 and all seven units in operation by 2021. The project is estimated to cost C5.6 billion.

The Keeyask station will be on the lower Nelson River about 60 kilometers downstream from Split Lake, and 725 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg.

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