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Nexans to supply components of world's longest power transmission link in Brazil

Nexans has been awarded a $28.77 million contract by the IE Madeira consortium to deliver the overhead lines for the world's longest power transmission link, Brazil's Madeira River Power Interconnection.

Nexans overhead conductors will be used to construct the first transmission line for the Madeira River Power Interconnection project, consisting of a 2,375 km HVDC link between the new Rondonia hydroelectric plant and the city of Sao Paulo, wire services reported.

This new HVDC link, the first of two, will transmit 3,150 MW of power produced by the Rondonia hydroelectric plant in northwest Brazil to Sao Paulo, Brazil's main economic centre, over a distance of 2,375 km.

HVDC transmission at 600kV is being used to minimize transmission losses over the long distance and the link will eventually comprise two parallel overhead lines. Nexans has been selected to provide the conductors for the first circuit by IE Madeira, a consortium comprising the utilities Furnas, Chesf and CTEEP.
The cable is being manufactured at three Nexans plants in Brazil.

The first transmission line is scheduled for installation in the last quarter of 2011, while the entire project should come on line by 2013.

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